Tart with jam of apricots from Mt. Vesuvius

Serves 8 • Vegetarian


500g flour
200g margarine
200g sugar
3 eggs
1 spoon baking powder
1 organic lemon
5g baking powder
300g jam of apricots from Mt. Vesuvius


1Mix sugar with flour and eggs, gently incorporate the margarine, add the lemon zest and 3/4 of the baking powder. Mix the ingredients and knead quickly; form a loaf and let it sit for fifteen minutes in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap.
2Roll it out still cold using a rolling pin, place it into a buttered baking dish, and then lay the apricot jam.
3With the remaining dough prepare small strips and use them to cover the tart.
4Transfer it in a preheated oven in a static mode at 180°C for 30 minutes.